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NEWSFLASH!!! Global Century Insurance Brokers, Inc. announces Lloyd’s of London tribunalization. Lloyd’s of London CEO presents Hawk Family CEO and Founder Jasbir Singh “Jessie” Thandi the Lloyd’s of London Coverholder plaque. Click on News and Events above. NEWSFLASH!!!


No contract for products or services is authorized by Global Century Insurance Brokers, Inc.® unless the contract is submitted to and approved by a member of the management team. Authorized managers who may give approval are: Jasbir Singh (, Sandeep Sahota (, Geet Prasad (, Pavan Bains ( and Kelly Myers ( Any approval by e-mail must come from the above e-mail accounts to be binding on Global Century Insurance Brokers, Inc.®, we expressly deny any contractual obligation unless one of the authorized managers confirms the contract via email.

We expect our vendors will send to Global Century Insurance Brokers, Inc.® statements for service fees and costs incurred within 7 days of completion of service or we will not be able to make payment. Please advise us immediately if you have an extenuating circumstance which would require an exception to this timeframe. Each statement will be payable within 30 days of receipt. If vendors are not paid after this 30 day period, they shall send an email to: advising payment remains pending with the invoice attached.

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